About Us

We are Local, Independant and Family Run

Servicing homes and businesses in the Eastbourne, Bexhill and East Sussex areas,

Our Vision: To be the most recommended Carpet and Upholstery cleaning business in East Sussex

Our Mission: To provide an outstanding service based on expertise and knowledge.

Andrew Campbell

Owner / Cleaning Consultant ATR Carpet Cleaning
NCCA Associate Member
Tel: 07763 618953

Why are we different?

We pride ourselves in going that extra mile to ensure the job is done professionally and to the satisfaction of yourself and the standards of the NCCA.

1. ​Pre-Inspection

On arrival at your home or premises we start with a pre clean survey. We will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the carpet or upholstery and identify the construction type, fibre content, fitting method and anything else relevant (using burn tests and colour bleeding tests) . We will evaluate any potential permanent stains and manage your expectations of these and we will listen to any concerns or reservations you may have. With all this information we will give you a quote after which, if you are happy, we can start the clean.

2. Moving light furniture

We would ask that in preparation you move any items which may hinder the cleaning process, such as children’s toys, shoes etc. We are happy to move light furniture such as coffee tables, chairs and smaller items. However we are unable to move beds, dressers, and heavier pieces for health and safety reasons and may have to just clean around these items if at all possible.

​3. Commercial Pre-vacuum

The process begins with removing dry soil thoroughly with the use of a powerful commercial vacuum cleaner. Removing dry soil using this method is the most important stage of the cleaning process as it can remove up to 70% of the soil.

4. The method

If possible we will use the powerful wet extraction method. The decision will be made on the fibre and construction involved (established by the survey) and possibly you the customer requesting the quickest dry time.

5. The process

Cleaning with either method involves the pre-treatment of the carpet or upholstery with the appropriate solution to lift and/or encapsulate the soil followed by agitation of the fibres with the use of a professional rotary brush machine to help this process. Next the soil is extracted using a powerful extraction system without over wetting and any detergents and soil are rinsed out thoroughly. Finally hot blowers are positioned to aid the air flow necessary for the carpet to dry as quickly as possible. The carpet will be groomed to ensure the pile is standing up appropriately.

​6. Post-Cleaning Inspection

At this stage we will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the job.